parisgraphics: love & mathematics
is it possible to share some basic/for howto patches.
just to get a starting point about how to multiply objects as squares or cubes, make an array, get multi-squares ?

hi! don’t know how long this question has been in the queue - i haven’t been on tumblr much lately.

good question and about pd i assume!

check out the [repeat] object. put it in your render chain of your fav geo like a cube or whatever. add a number box to [repeat] and get as many of the object as you like.

also you might want to throw a [separator] object in the render chain as well. then transformations like translations and rotations can work on individual copies of the repeated object instead of all at once.

honestly… i’m pretty much of a pd hack. i.e. i just try things and see what happens. i haven’t been on the pd mail list in a long time but when i was, i found lots of very knowledgable and helpful people there.

have fun!


Okay, seriously love the Smiths reference. How did you get involved in doing visuals?

omg. i logged in to reblog orangedrink and i find you in my inbox. we are more in sync than lance and justin!

viz? oh. cuz i wanted to seeeeee music :-)

p.s. come to nyc ok?

i forgot to tell you! i totally told my trig teacher about your work/showed her some of it and she said it rules

awww. thanks that’s awesome! totes mathematical :-)

hi there,
i'm really interested in what you do with your graphics and how you make them.
where would be the best place to start getting into this kind of thing? does it require a lot of technical knowledge?
thanks for your time

hey dk!

thanks. there are of course many ways to go about making stuff. i think it’s a matter of personal preference. i tend to work with several tools depending on my mood: do i want to write code? connect boxes? etc.

my primary tools are:

  1. pure data / gem : pd is a cross platform, open source, “data flow” environment. if you’ve ever seen or used max, it’s similar as it was created by the same person. one of the nice things about gem is that allows you to work with openGL so you can have 3D.
  2. c (or c++) with sdl: sdl is an open source and cross platform api that is great for handling input such as key presses, buttons, joysticks, etc. i got into this primarily to develop for the gp2x handheld system but generally the exact same code that i write can be compiled and run on linux, mac and windows.
  3. c with devkitPRO/devkitARM: devkitPRO (and ARM which is part of it) is a set of libraries and tools for programming for portable game systems such as gameboy advance, nintendo ds, etc. i got into this so that i could write code for the gameboy advance which can be found for cheap and has the ability to send video output.

While personally I don’t use them often I would also recommend checking out:

  1. Processing: an open source, cross platform programming language especially well suited for graphics.
  2. Context-free: an open source, cross platform “grammar” for creating graphics. very limited in syntax and kind of quirky but still fun. (btw… a similar project that does 3d is called “structure synth”)

Hope this helps a bit!


Loving the new math related visuals - glad to see you flexing your pd/gem shit again! Guess I need to ask a question.. will you be using this stuff at 8statc in November? :)

thanks! i like to mix up how i work on viz. sometimes i’m in the mood for pd/gem and patching. sometimes i’m in the mood for c programming. totally different moods. 8static? me? honestly… i think i know what suits those gigs quite well but not sure what i do is a good compliment to them anymore. really. i prefer to stay with hardware for a chip show (gba and gp2x), but then all my stuff is straight up geometry and abstract cuz i won’t use pikix or anything that plays clips. and really i don’t think that’s what people enjoy. i think they prefer having at least some recognizable stuff in the mix. maybe that is one reason i’m better as a collab partner than a solo act :-)

Hello. Nice stills. Are you using PD/GEM for all of it? I'm tried it some years ago - good open software.

Thanks! I also like your stills very much!

I started with Pd/GEM but then for years was doing everything with handheld consoles like gp2x and gameboy advance. Recently I decided throwing some Pd/GEM back into the mix especially since I tend to carry my eee with me everywhere and it runs just fine on there. Yeah it’s excellent software and quick to get an idea together.